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historic Opportunity!

Original Series Sponsor 50K

Professionally produced series with pioneers and industry leaders. Your company will be featured at the beginning of all ten episodes, inclusive of basic production and promotional marketing.

15 second commercial 10K

Are you ready to feature your business in a cannabis themed series to global audience? Includes basic production, inclusive of promotional marketing and will live for lifetime of the series.                                                                                                                        

ADVERTISING SPACE for 1 MONTH- early adopter pricing

300 X 420  Super Rectangle                                 $2200.00     

728 x 90 Leaderboard                                              $1800.00                     

 300 x 250  Above fold rectangle                         $1500.00

300 x 250 Below fold rectangle                            $1300.00                  

 Text (TBD)                                                                   $1000.00


Customized Photo Ad                                                 $500.00

:15 Basic Video                                                               $1000.00

:30 Video with Graphics                                               $1500.00                                   

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