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420MEDIA offers a unique combination of full-service digital marketing services, media distribution, and industry expertise. Our team’s experience allows 420MEDIA to provide the full range of services necessary to effectively craft and execute marketing strategy in the cannabis sector. 


featured Offerings

Television commercials

Feature you cannabis brand in a customized commercial airing in your favorite TV show!

SPONsorship opportunities

We are in production for two series that have limited availability for exclusive sponsorship, featured product placement, and commercials!

"5th QUARTER" a series about athletes and cannabis hosted by Super Bowl champion Marvin Washington and former NHL star Riley Cote.

"Nurse Talk"  Two RN nurses Heather Manus and Juhlzie Monteiro take us on a journey that educates us about the medical aspects of cannabis and it's effect on our bodies.

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Content is king, but marketing is queen,
and runs the household.
— Gary Vaynerchuck, CEO Vaynermedia