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How will you stand out during MJ Biz Con 2019?

 Check out the Awesome

"Jack Herer Cup" 

Digital billboard on the Las Vegas strip!

"Watch The Cannabis Ad That 

Aired During The Super Bowl"

"Digital marketing and advertising agency 420MEDIA broke new ground this week. For the first time, cannabis education commercials hit mainstream television. 


The agency launched a media blitz campaign for the upcoming cannabis online TV network, Hmm Did You Know (HDYK) by airing a number of 30-second commercial spots during primetime programming on BRAVO, Discovery and the History Channel in the greater Los Angeles market. The spots featured Senator Positive T.A. Nelson, a seven-term senator from the island of St. Croix, discussing the science and economic power of medical cannabis.




Reach your consumers through hyper targeted, 

data driven and cost effective options

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 Optimize your reach and frequency to reach a broader audience than ever before.

Targeted Audio

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Benzinga Covers 420MEDIA

Following the controversy around CBS Corporation CBS 4.67% ’s rejection of a pro-cannabis legalization TV ad that Acreage Holdings intended to run during the Super Bowl, Forbes reported a marijuana-related ad did air during the grand football event. The caveat: the ad was aired on CBS TV 2 Virgin Islands, a CBS affiliate in the U.S. Virgin Islands owned by Innovative Communications Corporation — and not the NYSE-traded media behemoth. Last year, Benzinga reported on this same ad, from 420MEDIA

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