So, You Think You Know About Cannabis?

Well, Think Again...

If you believe legalizing marijuana is going to "kill your kids"

you would be wrong.

If you think that consumers are all just sitting around getting stoned and eating junk food,

you would be wrong.

It’s not your fault, it’s how we’ve been portrayed by mainstream media, Hollywood, and those vehemently opposed to the plant’s legalization. 


For thousands of years, people all over the world have been using cannabis and experiencing its life enhancing effects and health benefits. But like or not, cannabis is still controversial. And that’s why we are here, to change its perception and your mind.

Beginning this summer “cannabis”  is going mainstream and will take on a whole new meaning in the media world, with the omni channel launch of CANNECTED TV.

Our Mission:

To be the trusted provider, authentic voice, and premiere destination for cannabis lifestyle content, programming, entertainment, information, products, and community connection – in other words, your place for everything cannabis. 

From hemp to cbd, from edibles to clothing, our talk, documentary, reality, music, cooking, fashion or home, Cannected TV programming is full of answers, information, and always entertainment.


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cannected tv
cannected tv
Cannected TV
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We will premiere our three flagship series
Fall 2021

For Advertisers:

Despite an estimated 4 billion cannabis users in the US, advertisers and products have limited distributions outlets…until now. 

Cannected TV will enable you to reach your consumers directly. Show your support from the beginning! 


We still have limited slots left for a few special sponsors to part of our inaugural 3 series launch in August 2021 available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Samsung and LG smart TV's as well as ios and android mobile apps and online.


Take your brand to the next with direct to consumer advertising!


Showcase your products and services and showcase across our channel on CANNECTED TV

Is Your Brand Ready For TV?


Award-winning creative director behind some of the best-known ads leads branding for new cannabis streaming media channel

“Advertising has historically been accused of selling things to people that they don’t need,” said David. “Learning about the extraordinary health benefits of cannabis through this channel will change that paradigm forever.”

David’s work is ubiquitous in the American advertising landscape. He is the co-creator of the Aflac Duck, which is credited for helping Aflac grow from a $4 billion business to $11 billion in only two years. His advertising and branding work includes Aflac, Liberty Mutual, Napa Auto Parts, Chase, Outback Steakhouse, Burger King, Heineken and many others. David has likewise won some of the biggest awards in advertising, including Clios, Addys, Cannes, and Advertising Walk of Fame, just to name a few. His work has also been frequently featured in Advertising Age and AdWeek, among other trade publications.

Emmy Award-Winning Executive Elizabeth Browde Joins A New Cannabis Channel As COO

Emmy award-winning media executive Elizabeth Browde is taking her talents to cannabis media, joining as COO of A New Cannabis Channel, a mainstream omni-channel scheduled to debut on 4/20/2021.

Ms. Browde, whose vast experience includes significant roles in platform start ups, television programming, celebrity global brands, brand building, TV commerce, will join CEO Kerri Accardi in the venture, designed to bring a variety of cannabis-infused edutainment programming to the canna-curious.

“Our focus is on educating the mainstream through compelling content, high-quality production, innovative advertising, and easy accessibility,” Accardi told MJNews. “We are on a mission to educate the world about cannabis.”


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