Self--Service Paid Advertising

Connected Ads are largely

consumption based and reach the viewer wherever

they are, whenever our placement criteria trigger

that they fit the profile of the buyer we are trying to


Placements are seen across thousands of networks,

shows and applications stemming from major

networks and television shows down to niche vlogger

shows and YouTube pre-roll placements on

non-linear viewing platforms like Roku, Amazon

Firestick, Sling, and more.

Take your products to those seeking them- there are lots of people looking!

Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Brands here's a chance to book your own media and reach your ideal consumer cost-effectively and efficiently.

Each creative is subject to approval and can not make any false claims. 

 Products must not contain any claims not approved by the FDA i.e. false health benefit claims being made in relation to the consumption or use of the product. No federally illegal context allowed.


Empower Yourself!